/pleɪt / (say playt)

1. a shallow, usually circular dish, now usually of earthenware or porcelain, from which food is eaten.
2. a service of food for one person at the table.
3. an entire course: a cold plate.
4. a plate of sandwiches, cakes, etc., prepared and brought to a party or similar social occasion: please bring a plate.
5. domestic dishes, utensils, etc., of gold or silver.
6. a dish, as of metal or wood, used for collecting offerings in a church, etc.
7. a thin, flat sheet or piece of metal or other material, especially of uniform thickness.
8. metal in such sheets.
9. a flat, polished piece of metal on which something may be or is engraved.
10. numberplate.
11. a sheet of metal for printing from, formed by stereotyping or electrotyping a page of type, or metal or plastic formed by moulding, etching, or photographic development.
12. a printed impression from such a piece, or from some similar piece, as a woodcut.
13. such a piece engraved to print from.
14. a full-page inserted illustration forming part of a book.
15. plated metallic ware.
16. wrought metal, or a piece of it, used in making armour.
17. armour composed of such pieces.
18. Dentistry a piece of metal, vulcanite, or plastic substance, with artificial teeth attached, to replace lost or missing natural teeth.
19. Baseball the home base, at which the batter stands and which he or she must return to and touch, after running round the bases, in order to score a run.
20. plate glass.
21. Photography a sensitised sheet of glass, metal, film, etc., on which to take a photograph or make a reproduction by photography.
22. Anatomy, Zoology, etc. a plate-like part, structure, or organ.
23. US Electronics the anode of a radio valve.
24. Electricity an electrode in an accumulator or capacitor.
25. Architecture a timber laid horizontally, as in a wall, to receive the ends of other timbers.
26. Geologytectonic plate.
27. a gold or silver cup or the like, or guaranteed prize money, awarded as a prize in horseracing, etc.
28. a horserace or other contest for such a prize.
29. a light metal shoe, as worn by a horse in a race.
30. plate rail.
verb (t) (plated, plating)
31. to coat (metal) with a thin film of gold, silver, nickel, etc., by mechanical or chemical means.
32. to cover or overlay with metal plates for protection, etc.
33. to serve (food) on a plate.
34. Printing to make a stereotype or electrotype plate from (type).
35. to iron (leather) at a certain heat, giving it a smooth, shiny surface.
36. on a plate, (of something offered) capable of being taken without effort: *Instead of giving $800 million to the mining community on a plate, that money would be much better spent in helping convert … polluting energy generation into more environmentally friendly forms –aap news, 1996.
37. on one's plate, waiting to be dealt with; pending.
38. plate up,
a. to arrange (food) on an individual plate or plates for serving: to plate up the main course.
b. to arrange food on an individual plate or plates for serving: to plate up for thirty people.
39. step up to the plate,
a. Baseball to take up the position as a batter.
b. to take on a responsibility by virtue of one's role or position.
{Middle English, from Old French: flat piece, plate, probably from Old French plat flat, from Late Latin plattus, from Greek platys broad, flat}
plating, noun
/pleɪt / (say playt)

noun Obsolete
a coin, especially of silver.
{Middle English, from Old French; etymologically identical with plate1}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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